English Short Story – The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare – Explained in Hindi for exams

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  2. बहुत अच्छा

  3. nicely explained but I think u leaved some point. But u explained it nicely

  4. Prithisa Sen says:

    Thankyou for help class viii

  5. Sir Uttarakhand lecturer ke liye vedio Bana dijiye in English

  6. 1.a.] they both were merchants and antonio didnt like shylock as he was jewish and he used to take a big amount of interest lent for the loan and they both had a deal that that if bassanio would not be able to pay the money lent by shylock then 1pound of flesh would be taken out from antonio's body.
    2.a.] jessica ran away with lorenzo a friend of antonio as she was in love with lorenzo and she took away half the earnings of shylock and ran away.
    3.a.] bassanio borrowed money from shylock as he wanted to marry portia and he wanted to make himself look rich in front of portia. but actually bassanio first asked loan from antonio ,but antonio was not able to help as he didnt had enough money but helped bassanio in getting it from shylock by being a guarantee.

  7. Hello Mr prashant dhawan ji
    मैं कब से आपकी short stories english में नयी स्टोरी / नॉवेल का इंतजार कर रहा हूँ
    I'm a book lover आपने इस playlist में सिर्फ 7 videos दिए है सभी बहुत beautiful है you're a genius I'm your fan thanks

  8. sweta kumari says:

    Sir my English subject se hu or my avi English se M.A kr rhi hu Sir iske lie may kaise prepare kru

  9. Karan Gupta says:

    1 antonio and shylock was rich person but both have different type of buisness antonio was buisnessing in about all country by ship of grain and antonio was the chrischan cast but shylock was jew cast and he was buisnessing of give debt with high interest any other and that time jew along give debt with interest so antonio was angry from shylock

  10. Bht acche से explain किए हो sir
    Thoda basic knowledge aur de dijiye eng की कहा kyo कैसे starting हुई इसकी

  11. sir plzz make video for jpsc mains english literature.. like kanthapura,a passage to india by e m foster, poetry like the little boy by william bake,a soul's prayer by sarojoni naidu

  12. This story is not complete

  13. Lulu Solanki says:

    Act 1 Act2 step wise step

  14. Antonio is a good man and he is a merchant his ships are running in different countries Shylock is a money lender he gives Money to the good people at very high interest. 2answer Jessica run away with Lorenzo because she loves Lorenzo. 3answer. bassanio boorow money from shylock for his marriage with Portia

  15. 1.antonio and shylock were enemies .because shylock belongs to jewis and antonio was not agree with his occupation antonio does not like his occupation shylock was a money lender and he gives money on interest .so,there is not a good realation between antonio and shylock
    2.jessica run away with lorenzo because she loves lorenzo.
    3.basanio wants money from antonio because he want to marry with portia but he had no money to show extravagant lifestyle infront of portia that's why he wants money but antonio had no money at that time but he arrange money for bassanio because bassanio and antonio are close friends antonio helps bassanio antonio found a money lender whose name is shylock antonio takes money from shylock without interest but he signed a bond.

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